API Reference - GET /JobSearch/Search


The Dynamic Search Query Service is provided for those agencies who wish to link to USAJOBS JOA Search directly from their agency Careers Section and drive a specific search result that are not pre-configured. Several agencies have invested in very specific content or surveys that drive a subset of JOAs back to seekers. For example, organizations may want to only present JOAs for a particular occupation or title or an agency has matched their military occupation to a government occupational series.

This view allows the agency to have the JOA search results to be presented as a separate window via pop-up. This approach allows the seeker to navigate between the USAJOBS search view and the agency page. Additionally, when the seeker is presented the search view, they can review all jobs within the search view, drill down to the specifics of those jobs and apply directly within USAJOBS without having to move between systems.

Using Dynamic Search versus the other two options do have some trade-offs. While providing dynamic results, the associated applications from the seeker will not be identified by a unique Posting Channel ID. OPM also does not create a unique URL for accessing the search page as Dynamic Search goes directly against the Job Search API.

Technical Overview

To use Dynamic Search, organizations do not need to contact the OPM PMO first. As this capability goes directly against the JobSearch API, simply follow the construct noted below.

The URL for accessing JobSearch is:

  • Test:  http://dev.usajobs.gov/JobSearch/Search/GetResults?
  • Production:   http://usajobs.gov/JobSearch/Search/GetResults?

API Query Parameters

For Dynamic Search, the following options are provided as attributes which organizations may append to the URL to obtain/drive specific results.

Each attribute further refines the results (considered an AND condition).

All attributes are optional.

Data Element



Example AF for all Air Force or HE39 for CDC.



Specific Title Search – Assumes that title contains the text provided.



0602 will only select listings for doctors.



City or Military Installation Name (e.g., Philadelphia)



Public or All (All includes all Internal JOAs that are visible on USAJOBS)


Search Rules

  • Multiple values need to be separated by a semicolon.
  • ApplicantEligibility should be public or all (does not include Exclusive Posting or WhoMayApply).
  • CountrySubDivision & Country should be the full name defined in the enumeration tables on the Developer Site.
    For example: France for country or Virginia for CountrySubDivision

  • LocationID will handle 4 character duty location codes, Zips, or 9-character Duty Station codes. NOTE: Use of Location ID will only return JOAs posted with those specific codes.
  • LocationName will search for all location codes that have that specific name.
  • LocationName simplifies a location based search, as the user does not need to know or account for each and every code.
    As example, Washington DC has over 200 zip codes, 7 Geo codes and 2 DLC codes. If the seeker/consumer wishes to find all JOAs posted to Washington DC, they should use LocationName instead of LocationID

  • Country and CountrySubDivision will be ignored if LocationID is used.
  • GradeLow and GradeHigh must be numeric values 01 through 15.
  • If Title is included, the title will be treated as "contains" and the query will select all JOAs where the JOA title contains the value provided.
  • If Student is included with a value of Yes, only Student JOAs will be returned. The default value for student is No.
  • If SES is included with a value of Yes, only SES JOAs will be returned. The default value for SES is No.


The following sample is provided as an example of the base URL with several attributes that filter results:

http://dev.usajobs.gov/JobSearch/Search/GetResults?OrganizationID=DD;HE39&Series=0301&min salary=35000&maxsalary=95000&ApplicantEligibility=all&LocationID=110010001

In this example, the dynamic search returns:

JOAs that belong to DoD or CDC, have an occupational series of 0301, with a salary range of 35,000 to 95,000, are both externally facing and advertised specifically to the Washington DC Geo Code of 110010001.