API Reference - Overview

The USAJOBS REST based API is designed to support lightweight content consumption by consumers. It is anticipated that this API will be leveraged by Commercial Job Boards, Mobile Applications and Social Media sites who desire to provide employment opportunities on their site. Typically in these commercial venues, the breadth of data presented to a user (job seeker) is much smaller than the detailed content provided on USAJOBS, as required by law.


The search jobs and export archived jobs require authentication using an API Key provided by USAJOBS after submitting the API Request form.

The dynamic job search and all code list endpoints do not require authentication.


Both the search jobs API and export archived jobs API have the potential to return a large array of objects.

The API will leverage paging to return the results in groups of 250 JOAs per page by default. This can be adjusted by passing the parameter "ResultsPerPage" with a number up to 500. Specific pages are retrieved by passing the parameter "Page" with the number of the paged result desired. The following example would return page three containing 50 results (i.e. results 151 - 200).


API Endpoints

All API endpoints use a GET HTTP Request Method

Name Endpoint
Search Jobs /api/Search
Export Archived Jobs /api/Archive
Dynamic Job Search /JobSearch/Search
Agency Subelements Code List /codelist/agencysubelements
Occupational Series Code List /codelist/occupationalseries
Pay Plans Code List /codelist/payplans
Postal Codes Code List /codelist/postalcodes
Geo-Loc Codes Code List /codelist/geoloccodes
Countries Code List /codelist/countries
Country Subdivisions Code List /codelist/countrysubdivisions
Travel Code List /codelist/travelpercentages
Position Schedule Types Code List /codelist/positionscheduletypes
Position Offering Types Code List /codelist/positionofferingtypes
Hiring Paths Types Code List /codelist/hiringpaths