API Reference - GET /codelist/federalemploymentstatuses

The FederalEmploymentStatuses endpoint returns a list of FederalEmploymentStatuses values and the corresponding codes.


GET /api/codelist/federalemploymentstatuses


No authorization required

Query Parameters

Name Description
lastmodified Only return items modified on or after the date supplied. This is an optional field.


    "CodeList": [{ 		
        "ValidValue": [{ 			
            "Code": "CURRENT-FED", 			
            "Value": "I am currently a Federal employee", 			
            "LastModified": "2010-07-13T10:13:29.86", 			
            "IsDisabled": "No" 		
        "id": "FederalEmploymentStatus" 	
    "DateGenerated": "2017-09-20T09:24:58.6047077-04:00" 
Name Type Description
Code String Federal Employment Status code
Value String Federal Employment Status value
LastModified Date Date value or code was last modified
IsDisabled String Has the Federal Employment Status code been disabled. Values are Yes or No.
DateGenerated Date Date of request