Guides - Authentication

Accessing the various USAJOBS APIs will require an API Key. To request an API Key, please go the the API Request page and fill out an application. Authentication is not required when using the codelist APIs.

To instantiate the REST API, an HTTP GET will be used. All interactions with USAJOBS are via HTTP. When making requests you will need to provide three parameters in the request header. Below is a list of the required header parameters with description.

Parameter Description
Host The host specifies the resource being requested. This value will always be ""
User-Agent The user-agent parameter tells USAJOBS who is originating the request. This value should be the email address used when requesting the API Key.
Authorization-Key The authorization-key parameter will be used to determine what type of access you have. This value should be the API Key you were provided when requesting access.

In addition to the header parameters you will need to provide the API endpoint along with any query parameters appended to the URL which will drive the results outcome desired.

Below is an example of a job search request which uses the query parameter for occupational series to select all jobs for Information Technology Management.

$ curl -H 'Host:' \
  'User-Agent: $YOUR_EMAIL' \   
  'Authorization-Key: $AUTH_KEY' \