Guides - Change Log

USAJOBS Release 5.7

Release Date: 8/20/2016

Contact Page Update:

On the Contact page in Profile, the third phone number has been removed from the profile. Only two numbers will be allowed.

USAJOBS Release 5.5

Release Date: 7/05/2016

Remove inline styles and limit HTML in Job Announcements:

To make the JOA display cleaner and prevent HTML from breaking the JOA interface the following changes will be made:

  • All inline styles will be stripped from JOA text prior to display.
  • All HTML tags will be removed or suppressed except
    • u = stylistically different from normal text
    • i = text in an alternate voice or mood
    • b = defines bold text
    • h3 = HTML heading
    • h4 = HTML heading
    • a = hyperlink
    • p = paragraph
    • ul = unordered list
    • ol = ordered list
    • li = list item
  • Empty paragraph (p) tags or more than 2 breaks (br) will also be removed or suppressed.

USAJOBS Release 5.4

Release Date: 3/26/2016

Enumeration API abbreviation of GeoLocCode:

The enumeration API was returning the abbreviation for countries instead of the geo location code. This has been corrected with the 5.4 release

USAJOBS Release 5.3

Release Date: 2/06/2016

Application Guide: SIF changes related to how did you hear about this job:

The question “How did you hear about this job?” has been added to the apply flow on USAJOBS. The response, if provided, will flow through SIF to the Talent Acquisition Systems in the ShowCandidate BOD.
For a list of valid values, see the valid values with an id of “HowDidYouHearAboutThisJob” in the Standard Validations (codelists.xml) at:
For an example of how the new values will be passed in the ShowCandidate BOD, see the example here:

USAJOBS Release 5.2

Release Date: 10/24/2015

CORS support for new Search API:

Developers moving to the new Search API discovered issues utilizing the service from a client browser. Due to a delay in being able to switch from the JOBS API, it will not be removed until the Release of 5.3 in January.

REST Search API:

The benefits text area and the benefits url is being added to the full JOA that is returned from the Search API when the full announcement is requested.

USAJOBS Release 5.1

Release Date: 8/08/2015

New Search API added to the Open Data Site:

A new Search API has been added to Open Data. The Search API works similarly to the Jobs API currently available (see However, the Search API includes expanded options to pull either summary data or all data which was previously only available via SOAP. The format of the data is HR-JSON. An API key is required to utilize the service and can be requested on the developer site. For more information, you may read more on the USAJOBS developer site. Please note that the Jobs API will be removed with the Release of 5.2 in October.

Register to Receive an API key to utilize the Search API:

The ability to register for an API key to utilize the Search API on the Open Data site will be available on the USAJOBS Developer site. For more information, you may read more on the USAJOBS developer site.